Hoppy Pils 

@rainier_beer and @reubensbrews bring the little ‘r’ and the big ‘R’ together for an American interpretation of a Pilsner. Light, refreshing, with a bit more hops the folks across the pond add and a big punch of Rye makes this a NW original. This is a great beer for hot days, too bad it’s June-uary…

Far Far Away Galaxy IPA

@georgetownbrewingco Far Far Away Galaxy IPA. This 33 ml of beer holds more sunshine than Seattle has seen since October 2016. That’s no joke! #craftbeer #drinklocalbeer #drinkcraftbeer #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog #brewersjournal @kegs_code 

Saison de Lisa

Saison de Lisa from @perennialbeer the last of my @nesctacoma score from my sponsor @keelykrause. Thanks beer sponsor! Share with with my best gal and the beers name sake, Lisa. Very quaffable beer, summer like, hazy gold and easy to take down. #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog #drinkcraftbeer #brewersjournal @kegs_code 

Temporary Permanence 

@urbanfamilybrewing Temporary Permanence 100% Brett Fermented. Hopped with Abella and Azacca. Mild funk and banana with big carbonation. This is a gateway Brett for people scared off by the term ‘funk’ and ‘barnyard’. #drinkcraftbeer #drinklocal #craftbeer #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog @kegs_code #brewersjournal 

Pure Bres Citra

Pure Bread Citra from @laughingdogbrew ours a hug white and foamy head that lingers. Surprisingly malty. The Citra comes across as floral rather than citrus. A good $5 bomber. #craftbeer #drinkcraftbeer #drinklocal #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog 

Peach Gose: Seapine Brewing 

@seapinebrewing Peach Gose in a cute little 16oz medicine bottle. Sour hits you up front and finishes salty. Bready , hazy gold, with a thin head that doesn’t linger. #craftbeer #drinkcraftbeer #drinklocal #brewersjournal #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog #seapinebrewing @kegs_code 

Opal Farmhouse Ale 

I have Intsta’d (that’s how the kids say it right?) this beer before. But rumor has it @firestonewalker is discontinuing #Opal #farmhouseale #dryhoppedsaison so I had to revisit it. This is a fave of mine. Hazy gold with a big white head, enough lacing to be a Billy Idol background dancer. Bold citrus and mild…

American Brewing. Oatmeal Stout. 

@americanbrewing Oatmeal Stout. “Drink on the right side of history” is how the label finishes its pitch. Indeed. What side on you on. Now, more than ever in my 44 years, it’s a time for choice. #craftbeer #drinklocal #brewersjournal @kegs_code #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog #vote #voteblue2016 

Red IPA from Bridgeport 

Red IPA from @bridgeportbrew From their Farm to Brew series. This one has Amarillo Hops from Crosby Farms. Added to the brew within an hour of being picked. #Fresh. #kegscode #brewerspassport #lazybeer #fatgringobeerblog #craftbeer #drinklocal 

Got GoT

Got GoT? Ommegang hasn’t disappointed with the Game of Thrones line yet. I had the Blinde a few years back and last year’s Dark Saison. If anyone has tried the other years please chime in. The hoppy wheat ale was just that. Not really an IPA, meaning it wasn’t a hop bomb. However, there wasn’t…

North End Social Club 

North End Social Club, Tacoma Sour No. 4 – American Pale SourABV: 6.0% SRM: 5 IBU: 4 A refreshing pale sour brewed with Lactobacillus using a base of 2-row, pilsner and wheat malts. Dry hopped with Bitter Gold for a hint of citrus, this tart, medium-bodied beer is bursting with aromas and flavors of apple,…


Every year Georgtown Brewery releases Bob’s Brown Ale and donates 100% of the profit to Ronald McDondald House charities. A noble and delicious way to tithe.   There are still some meds floating around which means you still have the opportunity to give back and throw back. Check out locations of where you may still…